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Jazz Accessories

A spacious interior designed to fit perfectly with your lifestyle. 

The dimensions of the new Jazz are truly deceptive. The new look is bold and assertive on the outside and with vast amounts of room on the inside. With its class-leading spacious interior, including the extremely adaptable Magic Seats, it’s a compact car that bundles practicality with a whole lot of style.

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Sport & Design

    Honda Jazz X-Road

    Jazz X-Road

    Step into your Jazz X-Road and get ready to live an adventure. With its bold off-road look it adds a rugged twist to your urban car. It incorporates unique features that help protect your Jazz X-Road from life’s little bumps and scrapes. Pack contains: front and rear lower decorations, wheel arch decorations, side body trims, side skirts and X-Road floor mats.

    Part No.: 08E0P-T5A-XR***
    Price: €2,093.42

    Honda Jazz Front Lower Decoration X-Road

    Front Lower Decoration X-Road

    Offers protection to the undercarriage of your Jazz when driving over rough or uneven ground.

    Part No.: 08F23-T5A-600A
    Price: €209.85

    Honda Jazz Side Skirts

    Side Skirts X-Road

    The side body trim is made from soft, impact-resistant material and provides protection from scratches or dents. The stylish and unique side skirts add an exciting edge to your car’s profile, making a lasting impression.

    Part No.: 08F04-T5A-640F
    Price: €499.61

    Honda Jazz Wheel Arch Decoration

    Wheel Arch Decoration - X-Road

    These black wheel arch decorations create a sporty and more assertive look.

    Part No.: 08P21-T5A-600
    Price: € 592.24

    Honda Jazz Rear Lower Decoration - X-Road

    Rear Lower Decoration - X-Road

    Protects your cars bodywork when driving over rough or uneven ground.

    Part No.: 08F24-T5A-60**
    Price: €209.85

    Honda Jazz Chrome Pack

    Chrome Pack

    The Chrome Pack highlights your Jazz with dashes of chrome which enhance its sophisticated style. Pack contains: front lower decoration, tailgate decoration and window decorations.

    Part No.: 08E0P-T5A-CHR
    Price: €597.04

    Honda Jazz Tailgate Decoration

    Tailgate Decoration

    Accentuate the exterior styling of your Jazz with this eye catching tailgate decoration.

    Part No.: 08F52-T5A-600B (Chrome)
    Price: €212.35

    Honda Jazz Front Lower Decoration

    Front Lower Decoration

    Gives your Jazz a distinctive premium look, especially in combination with other chrome details.

    Part No.: 08F23-T5A-600B (Chrome)
    Price: €184.83

    Honda Jazz Window Decoration

    Window Decoration

    Highlights the dramatic design of the Jazz with a chrome accent line.

    Part No.: 08P20-T5A-600
    Price: €199.84

    Honda Jazz Tailgate Spoiler

    Tailgate Spoiler

    If a sophisticated look is what you want, this body-coloured spoiler is exactly what you need. It’s fully integrated into the car’s bodywork

    Part No.: 08F02-T5A-650D
    Price: €387.23


    Honda Jazz 15 Inch Stardust

    15-inch Stardust Alloy Wheel

    Distinguish the look of your car with genuine alloy wheels with black pearl windows and diamond cut A-surface shiny clear coat. WVTA Approved.

    Part No.: 08W15-T5A-601A
    Price: €202.23

    Honda HR-V Chrome Pack

    15-inch Nucleus Alloy Wheel

    Distinguish the look of your car with genuine alloy wheels with rombo silver windows and diamond cut A-surface matte clear coat. WVTA Approved.

    Part No.: 08W42-T5A-601B
    Price: €203.23

    Honda Jazz Locking Wheel Nuts

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Keep your alloy wheels secured with these silver, cap type, locking wheel nuts. One set is four pieces. For detailed information, please download our brochure.

    Part No.: 08W42-SJD-602
    Price: €58.96

    Honda Jazz Wheel Cap Nut

    Wheel Cap Nut

    For easy and safe fixation of your alloy wheels, cap type with a chrome finish. One set is 16 pieces.

    Part No.: 08W42-SR3-B00
    Price: €15.77

More Jazz Accessories


    Honda Jazz Tablet Holder

    Tablet Holder

    Comes complete with a headrest base and fits any tablet from 7" to 11.6". It has a neat tiltable feature so it can be adjusted to the best viewing position.

    Part No.: 08U08-E6J-610C
    Price: €149.88

    Honda 3D Sound

    Honda 3D Sound

    We all want our car sound systems to faithfully reproduce the music of our chosen bands and artists. By adding a compact DSP (Digital Signal Processing) unit to the existing sound system in your Honda, you can enhance your listening experience.

    Part No.: 08A53-T5A-K500A
    Price: €374.71

Protection & Safety

    Honda Jazz Windshield Cover

    Windshield Cover

    A shield against the elements, this windshield cover will also protect the mirrors and front side windows from heavy weather when your car is parked outside. It features the Jazz logo.

    Part No.: 08P38-T5A-600A
    Price: €74.94

    Honda Jazz Front & Rear Bumper Trims

    Front & Rear Bumper Trims

    These trims are made from impact-resistant material and designed to fit seamlessly with the bumpers. They provide protection from scrapes and scratches.

    Part No.: 08P03-T5A-610D
    Price: €252.30

    Honda Jazz Convenience Pack

    Convenience Pack

    The Convenience Pack has been stylishly designed to protect your Jazz from scrapes, scratches, mud and sand.
    Pack contains: body-coloured side body trims, bumper trims, door sill trims and mud flaps.

    Part No.: 08E0P-T5A-CV10
    Price: €819.59

    Honda Jazz Door Sills

    Door Sills Trims

    Tough, durable and helps protect your Jazz from dirt and scratches.

    Part No.: 08E12-T5A-600A
    Price: €157.27

    Honda Jazz Mud Flaps

    Front & Rear Mud Flaps

    Reduces spray from tyres and helps protect your Jazz from dirt and stone chips.

    Part No.: 08P00-T5A-600A
    Price: €76.56

Interior & Comfort

    Honda Jazz Illumination Pack

    Illumination Pack

    The Illumination Pack uses a combination of lights to give your car a more sophisticated atmosphere. Pack contains: white front ambient footlights and illuminated door sill trims.

    Part No.: 08E0P-T5A-ILLUW - White
    Price: €387.23

    Part No.: 08E0P-T5A-ILLU - Blue
    Price: €329.11

    Honda Jazz Elegance Floor Mats

    Elegance Floor Mats

    These elegant and comfortable fitted tufted mats with nubuck binding have a woven Jazz emblem for durability. One set includes front and rear mats.

    Part No.: 08P15-T5A-510C - Manual Models
    Part No.: 08P15-T5A-510D - CVT Models
    Price: €65.93

    Honda Jazz Armrest Console

    Armrest Console*

    This black front armrest console provides relaxing elbow space. It has a sliding lid, storage space inside and a tilting function.

    Part No.: 08U89-T5A-610
    Price: €337.21

    *Available on specific grades only, please speak to your local Honda dealer for more information.

    Honda Jazz Door Sill Trim

    Door Sill Trim

    Door sill trims add a personal touch to your Jazz, whilst protecting the door sills from marks and scratches. Crafted in stainless steel, they also have an eye catching, etched Jazz logo.
    Includes front and rear trims.

    Part No.: 08E12-T5A-600A
    Price: €165.84

*All quoted prices are subjected to related fitting, painting (if applicable) and VAT.

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